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At the Academy, our goal is to support our students in their growth “in stature and in favour with God and man”, like Jesus Christ.

We are dedicated to providing an environment where your child’s intellectual abilities and self-esteem grow hand in hand, moral values are instilled and creativity is cultivated.

Welcome to Victory!


To be a Leading Educational Institute Providing Holistic Development in

a Christian Environment. 


With God

All Things

are Possible!










Team Work

I am very pleased that I made the choice for my son to be a student at such an outstanding institution. VAL has proven to be a school of great discipline and efficient & effective teaching.

A. Edwards

I was impressed by last term's virtual class room and the level of engagement and support it provided for both my daughter and nieces to navigate through

a new normal. 

S. Jaffier

My granddaughter has spent all of her primary school life at VAL. They have helped to shape her attitude, values and spiritual life and strengthened her for her journey to secondary school.

E. George

 When I graduated VAL, I was more confident, more focused and closer to my God than I was before, and I had made a lot of friends along the way. All that the school had to offer over the years have made me a well-rounded individual. 

Suzanne Levis

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