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At Victory Academy of Learning, we offer:

  • A Christ-Centered Vision

  • Student-Focused Learning

  • Proven Success in S.E.A Results, with students placing in the top 100/200 and admitted to schools such as SAGHS, BAHS (POS & EAST), Providence, Presentation College, QRC, Trinity East, Tunapuna Secondary; El Dorado West/EAST, St. Joseph's College, St. Mary's, and more. 

  • Trained and Qualified Teachers 

  • The National Curriculum taught in innovative ways

  • Stimulating Bible Studies Curriculum

  • Exciting Extracurricular Activities

  • Exceptional Resources Designed Specifically for students of Victory Academy of Learning

Academic Focus:

The academic focus is on developing strong skills, knowledge, and understanding in literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, research, problem-solving, communication, and the arts. Our students are encouraged to become independent learners who are aware of their own strengths and talents.


Subjects Offered:
Mathematics, Creative Writing, Spelling, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Science, Bible Studies, Social Studies, Reading & Poetry, Spanish, Physical Education, Music, and Art.


Our passionate faculty is committed to providing your child with one-on-one attention and we are strongly dedicated to ensuring that each child has the opportunity to excel. 

Our teachers employ a variety of teaching strategies that enable our students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding that build from year to year.


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